Dacă studii economice - atunci la ASEM

SEETech logo1Project Facts
Full title:
Co-operation of SEE science parks for the promotion of transnational market uptake of R&D results and technologies by SMEs
Project Start:
14 November 2013
14 Months

SEETechnology is a part of South East Europe (SEE) Transnational Cooperation Programme. The project is about co-operation of SEE science parks for the promotion of transnational market uptake of R&D results and technologies by SMEs. It's about creating the environment for innovative entrepreneurship and establishing of new and durable joint transnational services, tools and frameworks and put into practice developed and improved methods and explored good practices.

Overall objectives:

The main objective is to improve and develop support services to innovative SMEs provided by university based SME-support centres and science parks in order to facilitate the take-up of research ideas and products through better access to knowledge, resources and markets locally and at transnational level.

Specific objectives:
  • ​​Improve the market potential and entry of research-intensive and high-added value products​​ of innovative SMEs by the development of the ​​​​quality and portfolio of SME-support services at university-based SME-support centres;
  • ​​​Improve access of ​innovative SMEs to human and physical resources​​ through university-based SME-support centres by pooling ​​​​and registering such resources at a transnational level and mobilising new and unused resources;
  • ​​​Improve ​access of SMEs to research ideas and products and to services offered by universities by developing effective ​​​means of communication and publicity.
Expected results:
  • To creating a sustainable framework;
  • To prepare policy recommendations regarding R&D transfer and business support activities based on the project experience;
  • To involve the innovation labs in order to influence the regulatory framework in the favour of the market uptake of research results.
  • The project's most important outputs are tested joint new services, interconnections of these services, targeted policy recommendations, an operational multi-purpose ICT tool with rich and structured database.

The complete list of materials produced within the SEETechnology project within each WP:
WP1: Final Report (pdf)

  • ENPI project`s Communication strategy: (pdf)
  • Project`s flyer: (pdf)
  • Newsletters: (pdf1), (pdf1), (pdf1), (pdf1), (pdf1)
  • Articles: (pdf)


  •  Situation analysis of Moldova: (pdf)
  • Analyses of the innovation-related needs of the regional companies and supply of innovation supporting services in Moldova: (pdf)
  • Database register: (pdf)
  • Joint innovation support strategy: (pdf)


  • Joint cooperation protocol: (pdf)
  • Organizational business concept of ASEM: (pdf)
  • Policy recommendations: (pdf)


  • Report on implementation of the Service Nr2 of the ASEM: ((pdf)


  • IT strategy, Technical specification, User specification and Maintenance strategy and plan: (pdf)
  • Application documentation: (pdf)