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European Programs and Projects Office

The European Programs and Projects Office ensures the promotion of European programs and other international funding sources within ASEM, offer consulting services for the elaboration of international project proposals for ASEM’s staff, as well as the coordination and monitoring of international projects that are being implemented by ASEM.

The main objectives of the European Programs and Projects Office are:

OB 1: Consolidating existing bilateral cooperation agreements and defining the strategic framework for prioritizing international academic cooperation;
  • Qualitative analysis of the existing international cooperation agreements and definition of a procedural framework of action in the field;
  • Adherence to international university networks;
  • Capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the international university environment by increasing the number of international collaboration agreements concluded and implemented;
OB 2: Increase of the Share of Revenue as a result of the implementation of international projects in partnership;
  • Creating the technical-material base necessary to improve the collaboration with the faculties, departments and other services of ASEM;
  • Identification of funding programs for educational and research projects with an international dimension, which are within the ASEM's objectives in the field of education and research;
  • Dissemination of information through the ASEM intranet network, as well as organization of the information sessions for academic staff and research regarding the relevant international funding programs of the ASEM for each academic year;
  • Identification of the working teams within the faculties, departments and organization of training seminars on the rules of participation in the specific international financing programs and providing consultancy in the process of elaborating and submitting the project proposal file;
  • Supporting ongoing international projects in which ASEM participates as coordinator or partner by carrying out dissemination, monitoring and reporting activities;
OB 3: Increase the participation of researchers and research entities from ASEM in the process of international integration;
  • Increasing the success rate of international research grants, developed by the ASEM research team, in cooperation with partner teams from abroad
  • Stimulating the participation in international calls for research projects;
OB 4: Concentrate efforts to improve the position of the ASEM in relation to the internationalization indicators;
  • Elaboration and implementation of the action plan regarding the inclusion of ASEM in a larger number of international rankings, according to the evaluation criteria of each type of target classification;



Head of Unit Program and Projects Department


  • To manage the development of the Programs and Projects Service within the institution;
  • To initiate and prepare cooperation agreements with foreign higher education institutions;
  • To manage international programs and projects of ongoing academic cooperation at ASEM;
  • To inform the academic community of ASEM on the conditions for participation and assistance with elaboration and submission of individual international projects;

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (022) 402-834



  • Financial management of the projects in progress at ASEM;
  • Manage and facilitate flow of essential information regarding the project in progress at ASEM;
  • Management of the Erasmus + CBHE project and Jean Monnet projects;

Phone: (022) 402-834

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