Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (University)
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Prime-vice rector for Educational Affairs
Professor, Doctor Habilitatum
Member of the Senate of ASEM and
Chair of Management

Born in 1961, in Gandrabura village, district Ananiev, Odessa region, Ukraine. Specialist in the field of enterprise management. Started her activity at ASEM in 1991. Graduated the Polytechnic Institute, the Faculty of Technology in Chisinau (Moldova) in 1983, specialty "Economics and Organization of the Food Industry". Between 1987-1991 – PhD student of the State University in Chisinau and was awarded the title of Doctor of Economics in 1991, Doctor Habilitatum (2001), Professor (2002).

Taught disciplines: Production Management, Business Systems Planning.

Scientific Secretary of the Specialized Scientific Council DH. 08.92.14 of ASEM for conferring titles of PhD in economics and Dr.Hab. (2001-2003), Head of the Specialized Scientific Council DH ASEM (2004-2009), Head of the Profile Scientific Seminar "Management and Marketing in the contemporary economy" (2010). Head of methodological and scientific Council of ASEM (2007), Member of the Commission of Experts on the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation of Moldova (2003), and since 2009 - Head of the commission. National expert in reforming higher education (HEREs) since 2008. Member of the Assembly of Academy of Sciences since 2008.

Professional development:

University Omaha, Nebraska, USA (1995), Grenoble Ecole de Management (1998), University Buckinghamshire, England (2001),   International trainings in "Strategic Management in Procurement, Logistics and Supply", University of Geneva, Switzerland (2007-2008), Rennes, France, Gantt, Belgium, coordinator of the TEMPUS-1-2008-1-144 544 FR-TEMPUS-JPHES, Développement de partenariats avec les entreprises en Moldavie (2008-2009).

Author of 77 publications, of various scientific, didactic and methodical papers. Actively participates in national and international conferences.

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