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The First Rector of ASEM

The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova was established on 25 September 1991 pursuant to Decision no. 537 of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.The Institute of National Economy of the Ministry of Economy and two faculties within the State University -“Economics”, ”Trade Economics and Commodity Science” - lay the foundation of the Academy.

The faculty of Economics was founded at the State University, in August 1953, by enrolling 52 students in “National Economy Planning”, and “Finance”.

Between 1964-1977, the faculty of Economics was a division of the Polytechnic Institute, Chisinau. Since 1977, the faculty of ”Trade Economics and Commodity Science” was the second economic faculty founded at the State University, on the basis of Moscow Union Trade Institute Division (1960-1977).


Professor, Doctor Habilitatum,
Correspondent Member of the
Academy of Science of Moldova,
Rector of ASEM during

A considerable contribution to the development of higher economic education in the Republic of Moldova that has celebrated its 50th anniversary recently, was brought by such personalities as the academicians Boris Melnic and Sergiu Rădăuţan, the deans of the faculties of “Economics”, ”Trade Economics and Commodity Science”- Marlen Makeenko, Ivan Mocan, Mihail Carauş, Petru Secrieru, Viorel Ţurcanu etc.

The first two rectors of ASEM, Paul Bran and Eugen Hrişcev, the academic teaching staff, the administration and the auxiliary staff, have greatly contributed to the AESM achievements.

At present, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova is a modern university complex, organized into 6 faculties, 26 chairs, 2 departments, 7 centres, 13 offices and services, the Master School of Excellence in Economics and Business, 2 Doctoral Schools, School of Tourism and Hotel Services, a Business Incubator and the National College of Trade.

ASEM has a sound material resource basis: a scientific library, a centre of multimedia, a number of centres for on-going training and consulting, other subdivisions, 6 buildings equipped with the latest technologies; 7 dormitories with study rooms; a modern sports complex; 27 computer classrooms, connected to Internet; a rehabilitation centre and a recreation facility in Vadul lui Voda village.

As of 1992 ASEM is a brand name that over 38000 graduates are proud of. At present, more than 13 thousand undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate students are trained at ASEM, and 31 Doctors Habilitatum and more than 204 Doctors of Science undertake their teaching activity.

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