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Assoc.Prof., PhD

The faculty of Accounting dates back in 1991 when the Academy of Economic Stud ies of Moldova was established following the Government Decision no. 537. The Faculty of Accounting is one of the six faculties of ASEM.

The Faculty’s mission is to offer students required knowledge and skills for a successful career.

The activity of the Faculty of Accounting is carried out in accordance with Faculty Regulation on Higher Education and aims to train specialists in economy and specifically in the accounting, audit, economic analysis, etc. This aim is achieved through training, methodical activities and scientific research.

Every week takes place the meeting of the Faculty Board in order to ensure the operational management of the faculty and solve the current problems. The current activity of the faculty is conducted by the three deans of the faculty, who are subordinated to the dean.

Field of study/ Area of specialization
  • Accounting

ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING - Head of the chair - Angela POPOVICI, Assoc. Prof., PhD
ACCOUNTING AND ECONOMIC ANALISYS  - Head of the chair - Liliana LAZĂRI, Assoc. Prof., PhD

50 Căpriana, str.,
Building C, 3rd floor, room 307,
Chișinău, MD2005,
Tel. +373 22-402-756, +373 22-402-755,;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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