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Faculty of Economics and Law

About Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Law was created on September 1, 2002, following the reorganizations that took place within ASEM. The faculty was founded, based on the following departments "General Economics", "Social Management", "Economic Training" and “Law.” Subsequently, the “Law” department was reorganized, on the basis of which two new departments, “Private Law” and “Public Law” were created. Also, we can mention that, during this time, the "General Economics" department was reorganized into the "Economic Theory and Economic Policies" department, and the "Economic Training" department - into the "Economic and Didactic Communication" department.

The first dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law was Mr. Constantin Matei, habilitated doctor in geography, university professor. Between 2003 and 2014, the position of dean was held by Mr. Dorin Vaculovschi, PhD in economics, associate professor. In the period 2014-2020, dean of the faculty was Mr. Alic Birca, habilitated doctor in economics, university professor. Starting with June 2020, Mr. Veaceslav ZAPOROJAN, PhD in law, associate professor was elected the dean of the faculty by the decision of the Senate of ASEM.

The Faculty of Economics and Law is a faculty with a wide range of specialization and training of staff in the most diverse fields of the national economy, but also specialists in the field of jurisprudence. The basis of all specialties and specializations is the fundamental economic and legal training, as well as the specialization in the corresponding fields. The methodologies, tools and techniques of action and communication constitute the substance of the different university disciplines, included in the curricula from the first and second cycles. Their assimilation by students of the Faculty of Economics and Law gives them skills and competencies, so that after graduation they become specialists in economics, economic policy, economic analysis, law, risk assessment, public administration, social assistance, human resources management, public policy and economic communication.

Faculty Objectives

In order to fulfill its mission, the Faculty of Economics and Law aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the existing specialization, adapting to the market requirements, diversifying the fields of training;
  • Development of international partnerships and collaborations in order to improve the university education in our institution, as well as alignment with European standards;
  • Training young teachers and researchers in our faculty to meet current and future requirements;
  • Realization of logistical and curricular structures in order to develop postgraduate and master's education;
  • Improving the quality of scientific research;
  • Achieving the closest possible communication between teachers and students, related to the educational process, as well as regarding their extra didactic needs;
  • Ensuring students' access to modern educational technologies.

The professional-didactic activity of the faculty is ensured by the departments:

  • LAW

The faculty is represented by qualified teachers, including about 5 university professors and 42 associate professors.

Following the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the Bologna study process, the Faculty focused on the development of new curricula, and as a result the development and updating of analytical programs. Thus, the Faculty insists on complying with the requirements of quality management and meeting the educational requirements and needs of students.

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