Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (University)
University engaged for the FUTURE!


The number of ASEM graduates is today of thousands of good professionals. They have made and continue to make history and the economy of Moldova.

I am proud to be among them and I am glad to be back home, at ASEM, where I can contribute to writing the history of achievements, which has become a tradition for the institution.

Freedom needs knowledge. Learning is not a burden, neither an obsession. It is a necessity. ASEM has provided and continues to provide access to quality education, thanks to its academic staff, excellent material base, but also thousands of employees supporting the educational process. The complexity and the dynamism of modern world confronts us with new challenges.

Nowadays it is not good enough to be a “technician” “armed” with indices, algorithms, accounting plans and financial analysis. It takes a combination of academic knowledge and exceptional culture...

ASEM traditionally has relied on raising awareness of owning this culture: students practiced arts, scientific research was encouraged and a lot of sports were practiced.

Tomorrow is uncertain and hard to predict, and it is inappropriate to make forecasts. One thing is certain: tomorrow is identified and built by us, through work, intelligence and innovation.


According to Article 104 of the Code of Education, every higher education institution must have a Council for Institutional Strategic Development. Members of CISD are elected for 5 years, during which they have a number of competences and duties, including: coordinate the Institutional strategic development plan and submit it to the Senate for approval; monitor, assess the efficiency of financial resources and present to the Senate draft budget of the institution for approval; approve the template of the contract and tuition fees; ensure the institutional management on Intellectual property rights and technology transfer.

Members of the council are: three members appointed by the Ministry of Education – former Minister of Finance, Veaceslav Negruta and Ion Guzun; Ministry of Finance – Head of State Tax Service of the Republic of Moldova Ion Prisăcaru. Two members are elected from the academic staff that do not hold a managerial position within ASEM and are not members of the Senate of ASEM. Lecturers Igor Melnic and Ghenadie Bejan were elected by secret voting during the general meeting of faculty board members and student representatives in the Senate and faculty councils. Other two members were delegated from the Senate of ASEM – businessman Ion Sturza and president of the The Moldovan Bankers’ League - Dumitru Ursu. The Rector, the Vice-rector for part time education and life-long learning and Vice rector for administrative and management issues are appointed members of CISD.

  1. Dumitru URSU, President of the Moldovan Bankers’ League;
  2. Veaceslav NEGRUTA, economist;
  3. Ion GUZUN, Legal Adviser, Legal Resources Centre;
  4. Ion PRISĂCARU, Head of the State Tax Inspectorate;
  5. Ghenadie BEJAN, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Chair of " Economic Theory and Policies" ASEM;
  6. Igor MELNIC, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Chair of "Marketing and Logistics", ASEM;
  7. Grigore BELOSTECINIC, Professor, Dr.Hab, Academician, Rector of ASEM;
  8. Vladimir GROSU, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Vice-rector part-time education and lifelong learning; vice-rector for administrative and management issues, ASEM.

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