Marketolog (E-commerce), Agile, (SME) Daily Orchestra
Main duties and responsibilities:
  • manages the implementation and development of marketing plans to fulfill the e-commerce vision and strategy for achieving corporate sales and conversion goals;
  • coordinates digital marketing efforts geared to grow business, increase customer engagement, promote products, and optimize the online experience;
  • utilizes messaging, promotions, discounts, user reviews, and email  campaigns to attract and retain customers;
  • participates in development of  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and methods to ensure e-commerce website is optimized for searching and performance responsiveness as well as delivering visual appeal and compelling content;
  • tracks and measures program effectiveness to drive improvement.
Required skills and qualifications:
  • experience in the related area;
  • knowledge of the function and department processes;
  • experience in SME related projects is preferable;
  • knowledge of the e-commerce area;
  • strong initiative and organizational skills;
  • adaptability & customer-driven.

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